Conference Organizers

Conference Organizer:
Dr. Bernnell Peltier-Glaze

Dr. Dominic Thomas

Mr. Jeffery Lindsey

Conference Committee Members:
Dr. Amber Adams
Ms. Morenike Adebodun
Ms. Danielle Corbie-Archey
Ms. Chasity Fountain
Dr. Marvin Johnson
Mr. Jeffery Lindsey
Dr. Dominic Thomas
Dr. Reginald Todd
Ms. Leeandra Roderique
Dr. Shannon Solis
Mrs. Dora White

Leadership Team:
Dr. Lillian B. Poats, Dean
Dr. Bernnell Peltier-Glaze, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Dr. Jessica Davis, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Dr. Collette Bloom, Interim Department Chair, Educational Administration and Foundations
Dr. Ingrid Haynes, Department Chair, Curriculum and Instruction
Dr. Dwalah Fisher, Department Chair, Health and Kinesiology
Dr. Candy Ratliff, Interim Department Chair, Counseling
Dr. Lacey Reynolds, Chair, Educator Preparation Program Interview Committee
Dr. Courtney Flowers, Assessment Coordinator
Dr. Viveca Grant, Director of Certification
Dr. Delilah Gonzales, Director of Field Experience and Clinical Practice
Ms. Leeandra Roderique, Senior Administrative Assistant

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