About the Conference

Welcome to the College of Education - Center for Excellence “Impact on Student Learning and Development” Conference at Texas Southern University!

This conference is unique in scope because presentations are practitioner based, but include everyone from undergraduate and graduate students to practicing classroom teachers, administrators, and counselors to university faculty.

Join us for two days of knowledge, professional learning, career growth, and networking. Sessions strands include Counseling, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership and Health and Kinesiology and are based on different educator roles and levels- providing effective strategies. The conference will be held June 27-29, 2019 in Houston, Texas on the campus of Texas Southern University.

About the Center for Excellence in Urban Education

Under the umbrella of the College of Education is the Center for Excellence in Urban Education. The Center for Excellence in Urban Education (herein CFE) will serve as a research facility that concentrates on issues related to instruction and management in urban school systems (P-16). The CFE will explore state, national and international policy and practices that improve urban education at the P-16 levels. The CFE’s research, assessment and evaluation, and professional development initiatives will be disseminated through publications of its own as well as through established research and practice journals, the CFE’s website, and other appropriate venues.

The Center for Excellence in Urban Education will foster scholarly research, develop competitive external funding proposals, and provide professional development. The research studies and assessment and evaluation reports will help inform scholars, practitioners, administrators and policymakers and assist them in developing creative solutions to complex issues in urban education.

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