Our Value Statement

Texas Southern University joined the Student Success Collaborative called Navigate developed by Education Advisory Board (EAB) because we are committed to providing coordinated, constructively engaged student outreach, to reduce cost and increase retention and graduation rates; to reduce time-to-degree; and to help students realize their personal, academic, and professional goals. Navigate is a web-based retention and advising tool. It provides a powerful platform for predictive analytics, advising and communicating with students, scheduling advising and tutoring, keeping course attendance, and issuing alerts for students who might be at-risk.

What Is This Platform And What Are We Calling It?

The platform is called Navigate and we are branding it as T-CLAW Navigate (Tigers Collaboratively Learning and Actively Working). Most broadly, the system will serve as our student success platform. It incorporates data from prior students to build a predictive model for current student success, provides institutional data on graduation, course success, and major changing, offers an advising platform with summary data on students and reporting capacity, and includes altering functions for attendance and course progress. T-CLAW is open to all faculty and professional advisors.

For Student


You’ll know when important things are coming up that are relevant to where you are at in your journey at TSU and what to do about them.


Stay organized by checking off your to-do's as you complete them. You can even add your own to-do's!


You can explore different majors to see which program of study fits your goals, interests, and hobbies.

For Faculty/Staff

Proactive outreach

Multiple ways to do proactive outreach that formally tracks whether a student completes a request. These are called appointment and progress campaigns.

Powerful Progress reports

Provide progress reports for faculty to provide mid-term course updates.

Group students by Tags

Group students, by what EAB calls “Tags.” in order to further track and provide outreach. Tags are used for grouping students in ways that are not in the SIS.

Easy Appointment

Appointment for advising and tutoring, self-service for students to schedule their own appointments.

Shared notes

Provide university-wide shared notes.

Sharing Issue

Allows users across campus to connect around a particular issue a student might experience (e.g., SAP) and efficiently resolve the issue while documenting it all in the platform.